Metal Parts for

Industrial Machinery

Metal parts used in machinery are generally subjected to regular mechanical movements at certain temperatures, pressures and media environments, transmitting forces and energy. There are certain requirements for its various physical properties, such as yield strength, tensile breaking strength, wear resistance and other indicators.

Therefore, the choice of material for these metal parts, as well as the heat treatment of the material after forming, are important factors in producing a qualified industrial machinery part.

(GWM Material Chemical Composition Test)

GWM introduces the Japanese spectrum analyzer to analysis the chemical composition of each furnace casting material to ensure that the casting part meets the performance required by the material specified in the drawings.

In the production process, GWM strictly controls each production process through its ERP system. The in-process inspection and final inspection are recorded to ensure the traceability of parts’ quality. The outgoing inspection report would be sent to the you as the proof of quality conformity, which includes the chemical composition analysis report, tensile strength test, hardness test report, friction report, etc.

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With 20 years of experience in the development and production of metal parts for industrial machinery, GWM has provided one-stop production solutions for customers from different countries. Feel free to contact us to custom-made your special metal parts.


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steel castings for machinery

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