Locks, as a product of human civilization, is in constant development: from wooden locks, to bronze locks, copper locks, stainless steel locks, from mechanical locks, to electromagnetic locks, fingerprint locks, sonar locks and other intelligent door locks, from family locks, to commercial locks, and industrial locks. The only thing which remains unchanged is the people’s pursuit of security.

GWM’s management understands the importance of the concept of safety and reliability. The skill and concept training to its production line staff is provided regularly. This ensures that GWM is well prepared to meet customers’ needs.

Our customers are diverse, ranging from owners of international lock brands to lock manufacturers with a unique style in their local market. They provide lock solutions for family, government buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, flats, exhibition halls, art galleries, factories and etc. Either a mass-production with less cost is required, or small quantities trial-orders for strong personalized locks and hardware is needed.

When confronted with these customer needs, the advantages of GWM are:

1. Sufficient Production Capacity
GWM is one of the TOP manufacturers in South China. The sufficient and stable production capacity is the guarantee of delivery time.

2. Complete Manufacturing Capabilities
3.Personalized Production

When confronted with these customer needs, the advantages of GWM are: