Different industries have specific requirements for the shape, structure and physical properties of their custom-made metal parts.

In order to find the most suitable material to produce a qualified part with a cost-effective method, GWM works by discussing the parameters on the drawing with you, identifying the critical dimensions of the part, the surface requirements and the fit tolerances with other components. We also recommend that you reduce the investment in unnecessary dimensional tolerances to reduce production costs.

Our vision is to create value for you by fully understanding your true needs.

Feel free to send your drawings to our technical team. Drawings are the language between engineers. Your drawing will be carefully analysed and our response will be sent within 24 hours, discussing with you the right production solution with a competitive cost price.

Industrial Machinery

Base, Housing, Arm, Joints or Transmission parts

Gas & fluid handling

pump housing, valve body, pipe fittings

Medicial Devices

precision dimension metal parts

Automotive, Metro Rail

Small size structural parts

Yachts, Vessels

Anti-corrosion SS 316/316L parts

Windows & Door Hardware

hinges, panel and locking system parts

Lighting Industry

Rust proof lamp housing, ring and others

Bathroom Hardware

Faucets body, hinges and other mirror surface parts

Free quotation would be sent based on your drawings!